Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car App Reviews

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iPad version

The iPad version does not work for one way ticket. The application is booked on your current gps location.


Very user friendly and so helpful! Thank you!!!

Great app

It lets you browse hotels, flights and attractions at your destination and allows you to safely books them. You can then consult your reservations afterwards and the app lets you know for example when your plane is starting boarding!

Problem with flight booking / problem with a weekend trip booking

Unfortunately it seems not possible to filter the flight searches by business class or first class. Besides one cannot find a flight + hotel deal on the application neither.

Dont work

I put the location for hotel search and dont go. I try cancel, and dont cancel.

Simple, Fast, easy

Simple to search, fast to find, easy to book.

Wallet não funciona

O aplicativo é bom, mas não aplica ao Wallet do iPhone


Is a very nice App but it could be possible to search for package. Like flight and hotel at the same time as we do on website. Here in Malaysia is not possible.


Has only 1 photo per room and you cant understand anything about that room, as opposed to booking dot com which has 4+ photos for each room for each hotel.

Fairly useless

Very basic. Not able to search flights in different classes and multiple trips.

Disappointed with the limits

I want to used in a trip reservation for 8 people but only allows 6, I cant used it.

Easy handling but one major issue

The handling is really easy to book flights... In coach, but how can I book in business class?

Doesnt work

It immediately crashes

Dont use this app or expedia in general

For hotels use something like trivago or booking.com, you wont have such a frustrating experience with hidden charges, cancellation fees that arent disclosed up front, complete inflexibility, and telephone help staff that are intellectually and linguistically challenged. For flights, book direct with the airline, many offer lowest price guarantee, and if you need to change, the process is much simpler - and you wont have to deal with above mentioned telephone staff

I wish....

I wish that you could look at combined deals. Sometimes I want only a hotel or flight but most of the time I want to book both. And when you get emails they encourage you to book on the app to get extra points but since you cant combine you miss out. Im feeling like this app is really missing the spot. Since this same issue has been mentioned many times as far back as 2012. Apparently you dont hear us.

Significantly less options than the desktop site

The app is convenient and easy to use, however, as mentioned by some others you cant book or Connie various services. There also isnt an option (that Ive been able to find) to use Expedia point when booking on the app.

My best app for travelling fulfil all requirements and reliable.

I use Expedia for many years, never had problems.

Gone way down hill

I used to trust this app for all my flight bookings. Now you cant trust it. Be very careful as the price quoted will change when you go to book it. If you dont notice the change you will pay substantially higher price and the fare is non-refundable. Example. I have been trying to book Calgary to Vegas for several days. It quotes me $375 return. When I try to purchase the price changes to $534. Not a small change

Use it all the time

Love the app. Quick easy access. Easy to book as well.

Very Poor

I certainly would NOT rely on this app to get accurate information. Anything more than one flight is just way to complex for it to handle. Overall - very poor.

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